Nathan Taal

Junior (front-end) developer

About me

Welcome on my site. My name is Nathan Taal and I'm a Junior (front-end) developer from The Netherlands. I'm studying application development at ROC mondriaan. I have most experience with frond-end code, but I want to become a full stack developer.

Skills and Experiences

My Projects


The first assignment I got on school was called HILO. It's a web application written in plain HTML5, javascript and CSS. Without any frameworks or tools. HILO is a bet application.


The website for TTV VVV was my first solo project. The client had many demands and together we decided to use Joomla to build the website.

HHS Course Registration System

The Course Registration System is a new system we build for the hague university of applied sciences. It was build with AngularJS. I worked a lot with people who wrote the backend, writing API calls for the application.


Project Brightwave was a project to get information from an RSS feed. Most feeds include and read more link, and the client would go to the certain link and save the page. That a very time-wasting way. Brightwave, completly writen in PHP, takes over that task. Brightwave saves the complete webpage from the RSS feed.

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